Creative Affirmations Bundle MP3 (Audio)

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This affirmation bundle includes the following with the Young Adult Edition of the Performers meditation. Please see the other Affirmation Bundle for the other version.

With positive thought auto suggestions intended to boost your creativity, confidence in exploring your creativity and overall breaking down the walls to embrace your creative self.

Listen to these affirmations daily (for maximum benefit) or on a regular basis:

Here’s what you’ll achieve with this bundle:

Creative Artist

•Increase your creativity juices within your projects.
•Eliminate creative blocks getting in the way
•Have more fun as a creative
•Expand your imaginative confidence and translate it through your art
•Overall improvement of your creative mindset


•Increase your creativity juices within your writing projects.
•Eliminate creative blocks
•Have more fun as a writer
•Expand your imaginative confidence
•Overall improvement of your creative mindset

Performer (YA Edition)

•Increase your creativity juices to express them for audiences.
•Eliminate creative blocks affecting your ability
•Have more fun as a performer
•Expand your imaginative confidence as a performer
•Overall improvement of your creative mindset

Unleash your creative self to the world.

We love to hear from our artists utilising the affirmations. Send your success stories to and tell us how your creativity changed while practicing with these creative affirmations.


This is the AUDIO BUNDLE which includes the YA edition of the Performers meditation.

“Affirmations for Creative Artists.”
“Affirmations for Writers.”
“Affirmations for Performers (YA).”

The audio bundle version is a specifically for creatives who have multiple disciplines and is highly recommended to achieve maximum results plus grab a saving.

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