Current Creative Projects

Here you will find details on Suzan’s current creative projects in books, films, and other media.

Suzan is an avid reader and loves creating entertaining stories. You can read reviews on BaSatai here.

Suzan also loves to help other creatives achieve their goals. Suzan developed the affirmation series for writers, creative artists and creative performers to improve confidence, unleash creative expression and release limiting beliefs to go to the next level. Readers can download free the EGuides or purchase the MP3 audio online here.

Suzan’s Fiction, Screenplays and Films

Title              Type          Genre      Status          Learn More

BaSatai #1                    Film                          Fantasy              In Development         BaSatai IMDB

BaSatai #1                    Graphic Novel        Fantasy              In Production             Patreon Page 

BaSatai  Book #2        Novel                        Fantasy              Writing                        Patreon Page 


Reflection                     Novel                        Drama                Writing                        EPD  31 Jan 2018

Painted in the Dark    Screenplay               Drama                Writing                         N/A

Untitled                         Screenplay               Psych Thriller  Writing                         N/A

Intuition                       Novel                         Psych Thriller   Writing                        TBA

Obsession                     Screenplay              Short Film          In Development        Obsession IMDB


All of Suzan’s work is available at all major online Book Retailers including Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, and Barnes&Noble.

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