Creative Chat Quickie – Episode 3 – Expanding Your Imagination

I believe creativity is like the cooking of the imaginative recipe. You’re going to mix all these lovely ingredients together and make the best tasting result in your written work, your performances your creative art. It all comes down to how to apply your imagination and creativity together.

Do you daydream? Like take some time out and just let your mind wander. Let it wander to wherever you feel like creating.

Expanding your imagination

If you’re stuck in that rut of creative staleness, there are some tricks up my sleeve just for you.

First you need to be in the right frame of mind – lose the junk food, reduce the sugar and get lots of water into your body to clear out any toxins giving you brain fog.

This is so important in expanding your imagination to fuel your creativity. You will find that when you change food, reduce all the junk, your mind becomes clearer. I know I’ve been there done that. So  it works. But it’s completely up to you.

Second take some time out away from your project. A few hours to a couple of days of play time away from your creative passion will do you a world of good.

Daydream, try movement exercises, get a pen and write everything that’s in your head down until you have nothing left in there and try day dreaming again. Take your mind on vacation.

Thirdly open your mind to new possibilities with the senses.

Visualise by grabbing some images from the internet/magazine and collate those images into a collage. Images will trigger your imagination in many ways.

Use different perfumes, go out in nature and smell flowers, the forest or keep some fresh green plants next to you.

Listen to some great music – do you need to evoke emotion, find the emotion in the music – let the song, the music trigger your imagination awake again.

Take the time to physically move your body with the music and see how your imagination awakens. Activity outside your creativity encourages new imaginative ideas to flow in.

Find new foods and drinks to taste and explore. New tastes, you textures in your mouth will trigger imaginative ideas.

When you are open to exploration new fresh ideas will fall at your feet. Expanding your imagination comes from curiosity, openness, relaxation and understanding possibility.

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