Creative Chat Quickie – Episode 2 – Creative Fails – Let’s Fail Together

Creative Failures – Let’s Fail Together


Everyone cringes when they hear the word failure. I want that to end, now. Failure needs to be embraced. Creative failure is like a splat of your imagination moving too fast. It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to be disheartened. It’s not okay to give up on something your so passionate about you can’t think about anything else. So have a party when you’ve failed. Because I can tell you, I’ve failed on several occasions creatively.

It was a desperate need for creative validation that I started to run too fast before I was ready. But I encourage you to run fast, learn from those times you fall. An active creator that falls will continue to build on their dreams but a passive creative that watches may never get off the fence. Don’t be idle. Let your imagination splat everywhere even if it’s not right. Who is to say it’s wrong? Creativity is your will, your creation, your heart and soul. Make it stand out.


Compliment those failures. With continued creative nurturing you will find creative joy and whatever your definition of creative success will follow.  So let’s fail together, let’s do it because I’d rather live creatively wrong than creatively docile.

Live it, breathe it, splat it everywhere.

To all my dancers, creative artists, painters, designers, writers, filmmakers, actors, performers, sculptors whatever your creative field is – jump actively into the midst and keep getting back up.

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