Creative Chat Quickie – Episode 1 – Breaking Down Creative Hurdles

Breaking Down Creative Hurdles

Creativity is an exploration of your imaginative mind. For me the act of artistic creation is to expand your imaginative self and develop artwork, performances, books, films and other creative works that tell your story in those different art forms.

Though on many occasions our creativity is stifled by factors that bump and erode into our creative selves.

So what are my 3 Favourite ways to Overcoming Creative Hurdles.



Take your shoes off and let your feet feel the earthy goodness. Walking barefoot on grass is a great way to centre yourself. It gets your body oxygenated being outside. So take lots of deep fresh air breaths. Stretch your muscles and just chill. As you allow yourself to embrace nature, your mind becomes open to creative ideas.



Don’t allow yourself to be caged in by “creative rules”. There is no rules in exploring your imagination. So open up the free will gates and release without restriction of rules. You can always go back rewrite the idea but

unless you give yourself permission to be creatively free you won’t be able to jump the hurdle. Break through the prison of rules.



Trends are awesome for those who want to follow and repeat. For the Creative Mind to thrive, do it within yourself. Ignore the latest trend and allow your fresh, exciting ideas to be planted and grow. Creativity is original, imaginative and unique to each person. If you’re trying to follow the latest creative trend, this is where you are blocked. When you open your creative mind to your own imagination, this is where you leap over the hurdle and create something new.


Think of our creativity as a child – it must be nourished, nurtured, loved and consistently praised to grow and develop. Fuel your creativity with constant breaks so you don’t burn out. And always, always have fun in your creative curiosity.


Interested in learning more techniques to breaking down those barriers.


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