Welcome to Suzan’s Filmmaking World

Thank you for stopping by the page. I’m super excited to share with you all my latest filmmaking news and the rocky fun journey I’m on.

I love storytelling! What better way to capture the essence of great stories through film. 

I love creating stories and it all starts with my wild imagination.

I welcome everyone to this page to share and comment.

Are you an all-in-one filmmaker? Perhaps, you’re an Actor? Or are you more inclined to be behind the scenes as a Producer, Director, Screenwriter?

You can follow me on Instagram or on Twitter sharing my life’s journey.


I currently have several writing projects underway and I’m always looking for like-minded individuals to collaborate with. 

Feel free to email me: info (at) suzanbattah (dot) com

Wishing you a crazy fun filmmaking day!

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